Pink Aid and Andora



Why Andora stands behind Pink Aid

I'm a 5 year survivor of Stage 4 Breast Cancer and am fortunate to have had amazing care at Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York City. Many surgeries and treatments later, I am passionate about helping survivors understand what they are going through.


Pink Aid’s mission is to help under served local women survive breast cancer treatment with support and dignity, to provide screening to women in financial need, and to empower breast cancer survivors to heal by helping and inspiring others. 

Their grants support programs that provide services including free breast cancer screening and help covering non-medical expenses such as food cards, household bills, wigs, recovery garments and transportation for patients undergoing treatment.  

When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, she needs a lot more than medical help. She needs rides to and from treatments, babysitting, grocery delivery, medical navigation, wigs, recovery garments and so much more.

Pink Aid is a grant-based organization that funds the efforts of organizations that provide this type of compassionate care… currently locally and ultimately beyond.