Joy of Creation

  It is a recurring theme in life, friends and colleagues musing as to what an ideal future might look like.  Quite often those discussions would end with "why not us"?

So after years working in design, manufacturing and marketing - years spent listening to women's dreams, desires and passions we felt it was time.  Time to bring a new fresh perspective to women's handbags. 

Time for Andora.

Women today are feeling empowered and searching for ways to express their growing confidence.  So we have chosen to hand make each bag and to limit the production of each style to 20 pieces or less to ensure a level of individuality and exclusivity.  This is quite unique and also more expensive to deliver.  But with our small team of designers and fabricators we are able to achieve this efficiently.

Our mission is to provide handcrafted, contemporary designs of superior quality and functionality.  As a new brand we know we have something to prove and we promise we will do that, by listening to you and by consistently surpassing expectations and expressing the joy of creation!

Thanks for joining us on this journey.